Fund Raising

Charity Fund Raising, Festivals and Fetes – Crazy golf is a great way to have fun and is an inclusive activity – everyone can play regardless of size, fitness, strength or mobility.

We can provide ‘ball retrievers’ to put on the end of putters which enable the ball to be collected from the hole without having to bend down.  The course can also be played by wheelchair users provided there is enough room to allow sufficient space between the holes for wheelchair access.

There are many ways to raise money at your event by utilising our course.  In addition to simply charging for the course to be played, we can organise tournaments or ‘hole in one’ challenges.  As we have played crazy and mini golf competitively for many years, we can arrange ‘official’ competitions with trophies and prizes.

Other funds may be raised by the corporate sponsorship of trophies or even each hole itself.

There are many cost effective packages available – please ring 07449188212, email or use or contact form for further information.